React Unit Testing

I learned early on the value of having SOLID UNIT TESTS around the code I was writing. 

This course is DIFFERENT. It's focused on teaching you the more than just the basics of Unit Testing ... it's designed to give you EXPERIENCE writing and TROUBLESHOOTING those tests.

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I would like to purchase multiple courses for my company. How do I manage that?

Access to course(s) for promotional events or large scale discounts (i.e. holidays) can be managed by contacting me directly at [email protected] ...

I can generate coupon codes in a spreadsheet form that can be used as you like. I will generate a custom "purchase page" for whatever you are looking for and provide the codes once the purchase is made.

Why would I want to take a course from someone with your years of experience as a developer?

While I have written code for 45+ years (yes, I started at 10 years old), I also have 25+ years of teaching computers (10 of those in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction). I love teaching and helping people ... almost as much as writing code.

The course I've created and those I am working on are being developed by an experienced educator that understands what is needed to make this work for you.

I looked at your course. Is it too advanced for me?

This course is written to be useful to developers at all levels. Having said that, I've designed it with beginner skillsets. The user I targeted should have a basic understanding of ReactJS at the most. The course starts with low-level definitions and works it way up to being able to do something more complex.